You’ve found the goldmine of insight into a young sailors life. Here you can read about the adventures I’ll be doing and have done. Now, sit back and enjoy the ride.

About Me

About me!

I’m a happy and enthusiastic 18-year-old guy from Denmark. I grew up in a sailing family and have now chosen to become a sailor myself. When I’m not sailing I spend my time doing photography, travelling, and whatever else I find interesting. Continue reading “About Me”

My Goals

So my goals…

I don’t have too many short term goals, mainly because I like taking things as they come, grabbing the different opportunities when they come by instead of being locked in on something. Continue reading “My Goals”


Contact me.

  • Email – mail@thoraagaard.dk
  • Phone – +45 22871141

Where to find me

Currently on board SV Kaskelot.


If you want to know more about me see: About Me.



Semaine Du Golfe – Morbihan

“Week in the gulf” Semaine Du Golfe is a maritime festival. It’s held in Morbihan, a bay full of islands in the southern part of Brittany. For that one week every second year the bay is filled with more than 1000 boats.

The Capitals of Ireland

Dublin and Belfast Early June this year I went to Dublin and Belfast, the capitals of Ireland. Both cities house incredible amounts of history and pubs, but that is probably some of the only things they have in common.